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East Yorkshire Therapy Clinic
87 Boothferry Road, Goole DN14 6BB
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Massage therapist and OldPain2Go practitioner, based in Goole, East Yorks.
Corporate Massage in the work place.
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The table below shows how many people can be massaged in a full day and half day booking. 5 minute taster treatments can also be offered for first time clients.
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Bookings and numbers
These figures allow 5 minutes between each client. Clients must arrive promptly and health forms must be completed before arrival. Treatment times will be reduced for those arriving late. We reserve the right to refuse or reschedule a treatment if a client misses their time slot. Additional hours may be charged if the therapist runs over due to late arrivals.

Half day appointments are from 9am or 1:15pm, including one 15 min break.
Full day appointments are from 9-5 with 60 minutes of therapist breaks
included during the day. Therapist breaks are not charged for.
10 minute massage
This provides a pressure point massage of the whole back, shoulders and neck with additional time spent in the lower back. Perfect for those sitting all day or those with repetitive lifting jobs.

15 minute massage
This incorporates everything in the 10 minute massage but allows you to add on one of the following additional areas:
Arms, hands and fingers - perfect for typists and mouse users or those with RSI in the wrists.
Scalp and ears - helpful for those suffering from tension, eye strain and/or headaches.

20 minute massage
This massage incorporates everything in the 10 minute massage and both additional elements of the arms, hands and fingers, scalp and ears.

30 minute massage
This includes everything in the 20 minute massage but is slowed down to a more relaxed pace and concentrates more on certain areas known to hold tension. Perfect for when you need to wind down.
Your first booking must be paid on the day by credit card or bank transfer.
Subsequent visits may be paid against an invoice.
Cancellations made within 48 hours may incur a charge of 50%.
Private parties are charged at the hourly rate (minimum 2 hours) and include weekday evenings and Saturdays up to 9pm
Standard working hours are Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm. Saturday 10am - 5pm. Bookings on other days or times will be considered but may incur additional charges.
Hourly extensions to half day and full day bookings will be considered.
half day
full day
additional hours
30 minutes
6 people
12 people
2 per hour
10 minutes
14 people
28 people
4 per hour
15 minutes
10 people
21 people
3 per hour
20 minutes
8 people
16 people
2.5 per hour
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