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Corporate Massage in the work place.
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Case study: Norton Rose (c/o HR Magazine)

Law firm Norton Rose has been offering its 1,100 staff subsidised chair massages for over two years, and seems to have been reaping concrete rewards as a result. An analysis showed that physiotherapy claims on its PMI scheme had reduced, thereby helping to keep medical costs and absenteeism down.

Twenty-minute on-site massages provided by a employee wellbeing company, were available twice a week and the company pays for half the cost. The sessions, which are normally fully booked, are used by around 40 or 50 staff a week.

Mandy Campell, pensions and benefits manager at Norton Rose, says: "The massages can catch any work-related upper limb disorders very early on before they become chronic conditions. They also generally reduce back, shoulder and neck pain and can relieve stress and tension for those sitting at desks for long periods. When I raised the idea with the board initially, it fitted in well with our wellness policy, so we agreed at the outset to do it as a trial with no fixed end date. It has been so well received that there would be an outcry if we took it away."
Case Study: Anne E

Anne is retired but suffers with lower back and hip pain and a recent car accident had worsened the pain in these areas. Anne was treated to 6 x 20 minute treatments over 6 weeks.
Anne's back pain was reduced from the first treatment and continued to subside more each week. Anne was also reaping the benefits of taking time out each week to relax. After 6 treatments Anne had noted considerable reduction in pain and will continue with fortnightly treatments to maintain.

Anne's comments
This course of treatments considerably improved movement and comfort in my back and shoulders. The chair was very supportive and the massage was very relaxing. Along with the pain relief I experienced a greater feeling of wellbeing and looked forward to the treatments.
I have booked again.
Felt like I'd had a power nap
Claire B
Invigorating massage, very quick and professional
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