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East Yorkshire Therapy Clinic
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Massage therapist and OldPain2Go practitioner, based in Goole, East Yorks.
Corporate Massage in the work place.
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We have 4 different pricing options to suit your business
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You can experience the benefits of on-site massage in your workplace without using your wellness budget. All that we ask is for space to work in, either a spare office, conference room or break area and that you advertise us internally. We will take bookings and payments from your employees on the day. Employees are charged £1 per minute in 5 minute increments from 5 to 20 minutes.
If you would like to fund the treatments on behalf of your employees then you can take advantage of our lowest daily rates. Prices start from as little as £8.57 per person*
* prices based on 28 x 10 minute massages over a full day booking
Do you have a corporate health insurance scheme that covers acupressure massage?
If so your employees can claim back the individual cost for their treatment - costing them (and your company) absolutely nothing! The Westfield Mosaic Health cash plan covers it so
If none of the above options work for you how about splitting the cost with your employees? You both pay half towards the treatment. Now you can't say fairer than that!
The individual rate of £1 per minute in 5 minute increments would apply, that means a massage starts from just £2.50 each - roughly the same as your morning cappuccino!
Check with your insurance provider NOW!
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